The Circle – Branding Partners, in a collaborative effort with Universal Robina, undertook a transformative redesign for the complete range of C2 RTD Tea. Positioned around the promise of delivering a refreshing product with a diverse array of flavors brewed exclusively with 100% natural tea leaves, this redesign aimed to invigorate the brand’s presence in the market.

One of the strategic focal points of the redesign was the flavor communication. The placement of prominent flavor cues around the upper bottle area, positioned above the C2 brand, was intentional. This placement not only prioritized flavor visibility but also facilitated quick identification of the product and favorite variants, especially in the bustling and time-sensitive settings of convenient store fridges.

The Circle’s expertise as a design agency played a pivotal role in crafting a packaging design template that not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also communicated the essence of the product – a refreshing and natural RTD tea experience.

  • Client: Universal Robina
  • Role: Packaging Design
  • Agency: The Circle – Branding Partners
  • Location: Vietnam
C2 Ice Tea Packaging Design
C2 Ice Tea Packaging Design
C2 Ice Tea Mood